Working with Android TV?
Level Up with the Lynx Media Player

Lynx Head Media Server

Are you struggling to address the need for a media server and renderer solution for all of your new TVs and set-top boxes that use the Android TV operating system?

  • For Android TV, does your renderer offer end users a sleek, user friendly interface to browse and select locally stored media (even the content on DVRs in other rooms)?
  • Do you have access to a DLNA server that runs on an Android TV STB?
  • Most DLNA servers run on Linux, PC and Mac operating systems - what options do you have for Android TV? 
  • Do you want to incorporate this functionality into your OWN device?

Lynx offers a Twonky software development kit (SDK) for Android which includes the Lynx Media Player for Android TV. The Lynx Media Player provides a TV-oriented user interface (UI) that is based on the Google Leanback Library designed to provide a better user experience that is more like watching TV in a living room than on a computer or hand-held device.

The Lynx Media Player enables our customers’ consumers to discover and access stored content on any UPnP and DLNA compliant digital media server in the home or on the go. The Lynx Media Player also includes Twonky Server to share content stored on the Android TV with other connected devices in the home.

Lynx Android TV

Lynx Technology adds significant and unique value to Android TV manufacturers with two options:

  • Premium Support with Twonky Server & Media Player: Deliver a rock-solid, proven solution offering DLNA/non-DLNA devices interoperability for home media file aggregation, management, storage, and rendering, including premium content (DTCP-IP and PlayReady DRM).
  • DLNA Certification and Support: Offer the ability to discover all DLNA/non-DLNA devices (including Apple TV, Chromecast, etc.) and act as the control point for rendering related content.

Lynx Competitive Advantage

With the increase in popularity and significant increase in the number of Android TVs entering the market, Lynx wants to help position you with a competitive advantage and the features end users demand.

  • If you want a DLNA server on your Android TV STB, that runs on the Android TV operating system, Twonky is a logical choice.
  • If you want your Android TV to be able to access ANY DLNA server to browse and display local content on its screen, Twonky is a logical choice.

The embedded Lynx Media Player for Smart TV for Android TV and STBs provides:

  • DLNA certification
  • Access to local content
  • Aggregation of content from media servers on local network
  • Ability to integrate local and remote content
  • Content protection via DTCP & PlayReady
  • Plus, for STBs, content can be shared between STBs and Twonky Mobile SDK provides ability to consume protected content on mobile devices

Turning your Android TV device into a UPnP/DLNA renderer/media server will allow your end users access to share media from any device, anywhere, and offers the ability to record and stream content from their service provider like a DVR. The best way to access media is to offer a user experience that is more like watching TV in a living room than on a computer or hand-held device.

The best way to do this is by incorporating Twonky. 

We are happy to discuss your Android application and available options anytime.