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(Designed for NAS, Router, Gateway and STB customers)

The Twonky Server from Lynx Technology enables today’s most advanced media connectivity capabilities in our customers’ products and services. Twonky Server is designed to be embedded in network attached storage (NAS), set top box (STB), and router products, and it does not require any development by our customers.

Twonky Server offers DLNA and UPnP server capability and has been developed in the ’C’ language to yield efficient binaries.


Standard version: Allows consumers to share media by enabling consumer electronics (CE) manufacturers to integrate Digital Media Server (DMS) and Mobile Digital Media Server (M-DMS) capabilities into their devices for non-DRM protected audio, video and photo media types to supported devices. It is available as a standalone server (end user installable) or an embedded server.

Premium Content version: Premium Content version: DTCP-IP/PlayReady DRM version for service providers, content owners, content providers and STB vendors. The premium content version of Twonky Server supports protected streaming of premium content (recorded and live) in the consumer’s home.

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