Our Vision:  Make people’s lives easier by making their environment smarter.

Privately-held company, J.M. Driver, LLC based in San Diego, California acquired the industry-leading Twonky technology and the PacketVideo North American and European operations in 2015, and the PacketVideo Japan Connected Home business in 2016.  PacketVideo Corp, was founded in 1998.

After careful consideration, a new market-facing company name was chosen – Lynx Technology.   The wild cat known as the Lynx is found in most parts of the world (just like our innovative technology is in use around most of the world). We also liked that the English pronunciation of lynx sounds like “links”; it’s a nod to the way our technology links a wide range of devices and services offered by our customers (in turn, strengthening the link between our customers and their target consumers).

Lynx Technology is based in San Diego, California. We serve customers across North America, Europe, Asia and Japan.