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Twonky has been the industry’s most reliable media connectivity software since its introduction in 2004. Unlike other media connectivity solutions, Twonky was developed 100% in-house and supports all media types, platforms, and major industry standards.

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The Twonky suite consists of the following components:

Twonky Server –

designed for those customers with devices that store content, allowing consumers to discover, manage and deliver media to any media player.

Twonky Client SDK –

allows our customers to build apps
on top of the SDK for devices that
play and control media on a
variety of devices.

Twonky Mobile SDK –

allows customers to build their own
client for consumers who want to
share media stored on their Android
and iOS smart phones and tablets
and from Android boxes and TVs.

How does twonky compare to open standard alternatives?

Find out now! Access our easy-to-understand comparison chart here.


We have a rich history of collaborating with our valued customers to continually find innovative ways for our industry-leading Twonky technology to become a “can’t miss” device or service in the consumer’s daily routine.   Learn more at the links below.

Twonky Server                                     Twonky Client SDK                                  Twonky Mobile SDK

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